A new internet threat every 4.5 seconds

Twice a year Sophos publishes its Security Threat Report. Included within this document is the treat scenario statistics, which evolved very dynamic in the first six months in 2011. The numbers once more highlight the importance of reliability in terms of successful IT security and gives you a compact insight into the threat landscape of the first six months in 2011. Since the start of the year, SophosLabs has seen 150,000 malware samples every day. That's a 60% increase as compared to malware analyzed in 2010.

We've also seen 19,000 new malicious URLs each day in the first half of this year. This makes a new internet threat every 4.5 seconds. Even worse, 80% of those URLs are legitimate websites that were hacked or compromised. Another focus of the survey is the fast growing usage of mobile devices, whose security risks are commonly underestimated by now. Speaking of accessing company resources via mobile devices, Blackberry is number 1 with 73%, Windows (63%), iPhone (57%), Android (48%) and iPad (47%) are following. However, only 69% of the companies have published usage guidelines for company owned mobile devices. Even more alarming is the number as far as private mobile devices of the employees themselves go; Only 31% of the companies publish a proper guideline for this very common scenario.

More information can be found here (You can download the whole report after submitting your name and email address).


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