How fast can you add a new rack of switches/routers and deploy them to production?


Network devices such as switches, routers, firewalls and load balancers have a profound impact on business continuity. When your business grows, your network also grows. In dynamic enterprises, network administrators often face the challenge of adding new devices and deploying them to production in quick time.

Assume that you are tasked with adding a new rack of routers in your organization and deploy them to production. How fast can you complete the task?

You need to generate configurations for the new devices, deploy the configs on them, take care of security related settings and carry out a lot of other provisioning activities. Doing these tasks manually suffers two major drawbacks:
  • highly time-consuming
  • prone to various errors and mistakes

If you do not respond to business requirements rapidly, business growth suffers. On the other hand, accidental errors make the network unreliable. Even a few minutes of network outage could have a rippling effect on the revenue stream as critical business services get affected. A trivial error in a configuration could have devastating effect on network security giving room for malicious hackers.

Manual approach in this case is certainly not the best option regardless of your specialized knowledge about devices and familiarity with all types of devices from different device vendors.

What is the solution?

You can exploit the automation capabilities of Network Change & Configuration Management (NCCM) solutions to achieve tasks like this with ease. DeviceExpert, the trusted NCCM solution from ManageEngine enables you to automate the process of generating new configurations out of existing configs and also deploy them on new devices.

DeviceExpert provides templates and scripts for automation. You can create the configuration to be applied on a new service as a template and use the same for all, similar devices. The templates and scripts help you deploy configs in fully automated fashion without requiring manual intervention. Above all, these tasks can be completed in quick time enabling you save time, cost and resources.

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| DeviceExpert integrates with OpManager as NCM Plug-in


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