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Archiving Emails in Microsoft Office 365

Did you know that even Microsoft Office 365 customers aren’t automatically protected against data loss? Businesses therefore need to take action themselves if they want to preserve their emails in the long term. An email archiving solution can be a key component when it comes to protecting and retaining business-critical emails in the long term. […]

Email Archiving vs. Backups – The Critical Differences

Despite the availability of many other communication tools, the email remains the most important means of communication for companies around the world. But are companies really always aware that their emails can contain business-critical data that need to be preserved and kept available in the long term? Email compliance regulations are constantly growing and so […]

Email Archiving for G Suite with MailStore Server

Conversations with our customers have led us to conclude that cloud-based services are becoming increasingly important to the IT environments of many mid-size companies. Figures confirm this trend: A Bitkom study revealed that 54 percent of small and mid-sized German enterprises are already using cloud-based storage databases, computing power, and software. “Globally operating companies such […]

MailStore V13: Improved Support of Cloud Services and Modern Authentication

Like many other companies, the MailStore team has spent several weeks working from home during the first half of the year, diligently developing our archiving solutions in the process. The team’s success is underlined by today’s release of MailStore Version 13, which we’d like to present to you now. With several new features and numerous […]

Make the Email Archive Available to Staff Working From Home

Like most of you, we at MailStore are also having to adapt to new working conditions due to the Covid-19 situation. For safety reasons, many companies are currently allowing staff to work remotely from home. I, for one, am currently operating from my temporary workspace at home. But to be as productive as I am […]