Email Archiving for G Suite with MailStore Server

Email Archiving for G Suite with MailStore Server

Email Archiving for G Suite with MailStore Server

Conversations with our customers have led us to conclude that cloud-based services are becoming increasingly important to the IT environments of many mid-size companies. Figures confirm this trend: A Bitkom study revealed that 54 percent of small and mid-sized German enterprises are already using cloud-based storage databases, computing power, and software.

“Globally operating companies such as Google act as cloud service providers. Their data centers offer services that companies previously needed to retain in their own infrastructures or receive from local providers,’” says Björn Meyn, Senior Systems Engineer at MailStore. “Cloud service providers also often expand ‘classic’ services such as email with additional features, such as user administration, and incorporate these classic services into comprehensive business suites,” Meyn continues.

Facing the challenge of email archiving obligations

While the global availability of services and data offers companies advantages, it also gives rise to a number of challenges, particularly as regards national email archiving obligations (Germany’s Principles Regarding the Proper Keeping and Preservation of Books, Records, and Documents in Electronic Format and Regarding Data Access) or data protection regulations. MailStore Server can help make sure that companies working with cloud-based services meet these requirements in a legally compliant way.

Premium support for G Suite (formerly Google Apps), too

All MailStore Server versions 9.1 and higher provide premium support for G Suite (formerly Google Apps), too. This premium MailStore support consists of the following features, which are analogous to the features offered by on-premise Active Directory/Exchange environments:

  • User account synchronization and authentication against the Google Cloud: This allows end users to conveniently log in to MailStore Server using their Google login data and work with their archived emails.
  • Multi-mailbox archiving using a centralized service account: Emails already contained in G Suite mailboxes can be archived in a single step.
  • Multi-drop archiving (journaling): Enables legally compliant archiving for all incoming and outgoing emails.
  • Email exporting into G Suite mailboxes: Archived emails can be restored in G Suite mailboxes at any time.

The individual features completely rely on APIs made available by Google so that G Suite administrators can quickly and easily execute the necessary configuration steps within their familiar environment. MailStore Server also fully supports the security mechanisms that Google requires applications to have in order to be classified as secure, such as OAuth 2.0.

Simply test out MailStore Server for 30 days free of charge or experience our solution in a webinar for demo and without obligation.

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