Success Story: DeviceExpert helps leading IT service provider for retailers centrally manage network device configurations

The IT department of
Bovertis B.V, a
leading IT
service provider for retail companies in The Netherlands, specializing in
airport retail development and IT support, is tasked with managing a large
number of network devices, mostly switches and routers from different device

customers have retail stores all over the world, which need connectivity with
each other and with the Head Quarters. Bovertis caters to different kinds of retailers
operating at airports, cities and even makeshift locations. Each of these
requires different types of network devices ranging from DSL routers, WiFi
routers to a variety of managed switches.

these diverse devices, keeping them up-to-date, carrying out changes and
monitoring changes were all quite challenging for them. Particularly, when
devices went down, troubleshooting became a daunting task.

found ManageEngine DeviceExpert meeting all their requirements and deployed it.
Today, DeviceExpert is playing a crucial role at Bovertis in the secure and
sound upkeep of the network infrastructure by providing an automated way for
maintaining configurations, preventing unauthorized configuration changes,
reducing human errors and ensuring network uptime.

a case study profiled by DeviceExpert,
van Achterberg, Special Projects division of Bovertis
explains how DeviceExpert has
helped Bovertis
automate the entire life-cycle of device
configuration management and thereby save time, resources and improve

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