Configuring Alcatel Omni Switches to Export sFlow

The number of customers using sFlow technology is increasing by the day. NetFlow Analyzer supports sFlow technology apart from NetFlow, J-Flow, IPFIX etc.

This blog post is for the benefit of those customers leveraging sFlow technology in their network with special focus on networks using Alcatel Omni Switches. You can find the configuration for these switches to export sFlow, in this blog post.

The switches that support sFlow export are OmniSwitch
6400, 6850, 6855, 9000 and 9000E.

Given below are the commands to be enable the switch to
export sFlow packets.

sflow agent ip

sflow receiver 1 name sFlowTrend address NetFlow Anlayzer
server IP address udp-port 9996 packet-size 1400 version 5

sflow sampler 1 1/1-24 receiver 1 rate 1024

poller 1 1/1-24 receiver 1 interval 5

add the sampler and poller on every active interface/port of the device.

additional configuration is required apart from configuring these devices to
export sflow(the one mentioned above) on the product as it will automatically
capture the packets reaching the server on UDP port 9996 and start displaying
the data.

You can download the 30 day trial from here.

Hope this blog post is informative and helpful.

Arun Karthik

NetFlow Analyzer
Technical Team

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The original article/video can be found at Configuring Alcatel Omni Switches to Export sFlow

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