Role-based access control for device configurations, key for ensuring network security

The configurations of network devices are crucial from the standpoint of network security. The configurations contain sensitive information such as access credentials, SNMP settings, ACLs and others.

In multi-member work environments, network administrators often have to access and deploy configuration changes to devices in production. This requires:

  • collaboration among the administrators
  • consistency in rolling out configuration changes
Unfortunately, most of the enterprises – big and small, rely on manual processes for Network Configuration Management. That means, all administrators get access to all the devices and deploy configuration changes as per their own style and preferences. In the absence of collaboration and consistency, manual approach to deploying configuration changes might lead to security vulnerabilities. Hackers and malicious elements always look for holes in device configurations to wreak havoc on the network.

The best solution to overcome these problems is to automate the entire life-cycle of Network Configuration Management. Establishing role-based access controls and approval workflow for deploying configuration changes will help bolster security.

The role-based access control feature of DeviceExpert helps control access to device configurations. Administrators can be grouped into different categories – Administrators, Power Users and Operators. Access to the configurations of the devices are restricted based on the devices allotted to them. DeviceExpert acts as the centralized interface from where the configurations are controlled by administrators.

Similarly, the approval workflow feature ensures that when certain category of administrators attempt to deploy config changes, the changes are forwarded for review by designated seniors. Only after their approval, changes are deployed to the devices. This helps ensure consistency and compliance to security standards.

In addition, automating Network Change and Configuration Management with DeviceExpert helps save time thereby enabling administrators to concentrate on other productive aspects of Network Management.

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