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NetFlow Analyzer from ManageEngine has emerged as the most recommended tool for monitoring NetFlow data in the network.

A commentary on the ‘5 Free NetFlow Monitoring tools for Windows’ that appeared on, NetFlow Analyzer from ManageEngine ranked first.
This was possible only because of the rich feature set that we offer & the helpful reports that it generates to be able to give you a quick snapshot of your entire network within a matter of seconds.
The commentary stated “ManageEngine offers a full-featured, free version of their NetFlow Analyzer Professional software. The free version displays detailed source/destination data, as well as ports used, and applications detected. It also generates helpful charts that make it easy to visualize the data.”
Monitoring over 1,000,000 interfaces worldwide with a strong & loyal customer base, we offer a fully functional free 30 day trial for unlimited number of interfaces. When we rank first is the free tools list, aren’t we the first in the paid category as well?
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The original article/video can be found at NetFlow Analyzer – Numero UNO!

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