RED – How to connect your remote location in less than 2 minutes?

Perhaps this scenario sounds familiar: you need to connect several remote branch offices to your corporate headquarters, maybe also including a few mobile employees and home offices. There is no IT know-how on site at most of these locations! How can you handle this situation? In the past, connecting remote offices to the central network while maintaining an appropriate level of security was a complex and costly task.

Installing small UTM appliances at every site provided sufficient security, but was expensive and very labour-intensive to manage. At the same time, simple VPN-Gateways lacked important security functions that your company couldn't do without. Furthermore, both solutions required a visit from a technician for installation. With Astaro RED, these problems are now a thing of the past. Find out how you can handle this situation in an easy way:

• Connect your remote location in less than 2 minutes

• Complete UTM security at your branch office

• Total cost of ownership is reduced by up to 80%

• Quality products made in Germany

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