ManageEngine NetFlow Analyzer at Cisco LIVE 2012, London

Cisco has
proved time and again, that it leads the market in both thought and action.
Cisco LIVE, that started off as a networkers conference way back in 1989, has
come a long way for more than 2 decades, as the biggest networking event in the
world. It is one of the most sought after shows in the networking industry.

The 2012
edition of Cisco LIVE, scheduled to start Jan 30, 2012 at London, features some key players
in the networking business. With budget cuts & optimization of resources
being the buzzwords, businesses are vying to adopt the latest products to boost
their network performance & hence boost productivity.

Analyzer from ManageEngine, is a product that supports a whole lot of
technologies from Cisco and has evolved itself as an inevitable tool for
network Administrators to gain in-depth visibility into their network. NetFlow
Analyzer has aligned itself with Cisco in the following areas:

  • NetFlow
  • Cisco ASA-NSEL
  • Cisco NBAR
  • Cisco CBQoS
  • Cisco IPSLA
  • Cisco WAAS
  • Cisco MediaNet

It is easily
the one product that has spread its wings into critical areas like QoS, SLA,
rich media traffic monitoring etc. and that makes it THE tool to deploy in your
network environment.

NetFlow Analyzer is a ‘Registered Developer’ in the Cisco Developers Network. In the areas of IPSLA, WAAS and NetFlow technologies, we are ‘Cisco Compatible’ and we are also an official ‘Technology Partner’ of Cisco.

We are glad
to be present at Cisco LIVE 2012, in London at booth E81/84. Connect with us
and get all your questions answered about NetFlow Analyzer and its alignment
with Cisco.

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