ISP and Enterprise Billing in NetFlow Analyzer-Part 1

This blog post is about Billing with
NetFlow using NetFlow Analyzer which is quite a rarity in any other
product of its kind in the market.

Billing is a major feature available in the Professional Plus and
Enterprise editions ManageEngine NetFlow Analyzer. With real-time
information on bandwidth consumption using NetFlow data, it gives the
enterprises and ISPs the ability to plan and manage their network
infrastructure better. The billing feature in NetFlow Analyzer is
tailor-made to suit this particular need, that is planning the
network for future needs. With this, NetFlow Analyzer acts as an all
in one solution for all your billing problems at no additional cost.

Advantages of Billing Module:-

The Billing feature in NetFlow Analyzer offers you the following

  • Using existing technology (NetFlow) already available on your
    routing or switching devices.

  • Not only supports NetFlow, but also other flow formats like
    sFlow, jFlow, NetStream, IPFIX etc.

  • No additional hardware or software purchase.

  • Detailed traffic reports & bandwidth consumption reports
    for cross verification

NetFlow data has highly granular information about the source and
destination involved with the traffic, the application used, the
traffic volume and so on. Even if your customer or client asks for
details about a bill you presented for charge back, the requested
information is not just at your fingertips, but highly professional,
neatly formatted, detailed PDF reports which are presentable to back-up your bills.

Billing Module in NetFlow Analyzer:-

Billing Module in NetFlow Analyzer lets you create Bill Plans for
Various monitoring entities like Interfaces, IP groups etc. You can
create Bill Plans in NetFlow Analyzer based on:

  • Speed

  • Volume

Interface Billing:-

This is commonly used by ISPs to bill their customers that use
their internet service. A Service provider Edge Router is deployed in
the customer

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