Workflow between Monitoring and Ticketing

important aspect of any successful business today is a constant and consistent
availability of IT Infrastructure. This boils down to a need for an IT
monitoring system that can monitor the infrastructure round the clock.

what if my monitoring system is excellent? It does nothing else than just
monitoring and raising alarms when thresholds are exceeded and maybe it does a
bit of diagnosis and remediation. Say, it has no interaction with other
associated management systems and processes. And, therefore it gets into a Silo

how do you get your monitoring tool into a Systems thinking mode where you have
a way to get into the next step, a next level of action, a next stage of processes
defined in the organization in relation to problem solving, how to manage
change in an effort to resolve problems, etc.. That is, a stage when
self-diagnosis and self-remediation from within the monitoring software don

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