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Don’t Be ‘fraid of No GHOST; Glibc Vulnerability

During the blog downtime, observant security practitioners probably read about a serious new vulnerabilities called GHOST, which affects all Linux-based systems to some extent. I actually  covered GHOST  already, in one of my Daily Security Bytes, but you may have missed it during the downtime. Let me recap the issue here

VoIP Call Tracking: Free Call Detail Record Tracker from SolarWinds

Download the CDR Tracker here: www.solarwinds.com The last things you want to hear about are dropped calls, inability to connect, or poor call quality on your VoIP network. Just where do you turn when users start complaining? SolarWinds free Call Detail Record Tracker allows you to see the call detail records generated by Cisco CallManager so you can see performance details on a call-by-call basis

XRoads Networks – Why The EdgeXOS Platform

XRoads Networks – Why The EdgeXOS – Unified Bandwidth Management This video provides an overview of the EdgeXOS platform and how it helps organizations which are looking to connect to the Internet in order to utilize and/or provide cloud-based services.