Healthcare Sector Still Sustains Phishing Campaigns

No one should take too seriously the high-minded things criminals sometimes say about how they’re restraining themselves during the pandemic, and that they’re going to avoid hitting hospitals and biomedical research organizations.... Read more »

When Phishing And Disinformation Meet

The Insider reported that QAnon is co-opting a USPS phishing scam, and claim the Vishing text messages are linked to human trafficking. “A viral [text] phishing scheme is targeting people across the... Read more »

[Heads Up] Apparently Slack Phishing Got So Bad They Had To Do Something About It

Slack has announced a slew of new security features, certificates and integrations, including a verification system that adds an additional layer to protect against phishing scams. The announcement follows on from Slack... Read more »

Paying the Ransom After a Ransomware Attack May Become More Complicated, Thanks to the U.S. Treasury

With many organizations considering to pay the ransom should they experience an attack, new guidance from the U.S. Treasury may put a damper on an organization’s ability to pay. When hit with... Read more »