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Quality of Service (QoS): A Good Traffic Engineering Component

Today, we commonly see IT budget reduction, cost cutting, and barriers for potential network circuit upgrades. In this tough economic situation, the motive of a network administrator should be optimizing the current infrastructure for future accommodations.

All New Distributed Edition of NetFlow Analyzer

Until 2012, NetFlow Analyzer’s Enterprise edition benefited ISPs, MSPs and large organizations that had distributed network architecture, in monitoring their bandwidth. Any organization with less than 600 interfaces and want to monitor all of them by installing product on Head Quarters data center can go with Professional and Professional Plus Edition which has integrated collectors and reporting engine which collects the data and generate reports. The Enterprise edition was majorly used by organizations that had a distributed architecture and monitoring was done by means of Central server and multiple collectors across different sites in the same network.

Cisco Performance Monitoring using NetFlow Analyzer.

Cisco Performance Monitor helps you to identify performance issues on the network, Now a days Video is every where and when it comes to corporate network, it has to be treated in such a way that it is with high quality as expected. An organization considering implementation of Video conferencing or any video streaming should also consider that this will increase significant load on the network. The network should be capable enough to handle this additional load along with existing load.

Attention Cisco TMEs: Solarwinds does not support Peformance Monitoring, NBAR and MediaTrace

 I was watching Network Field day videos the other day and the one on Application Visibility and Control (AVC) was most interesting due to our product being a player in this  field. During the Application Visibility and Control (AVC) session, the TME handling the session said Solarwinds and Lancope supports Performance Monitoring in their NetFlow monitoring solution

ManageEngine NetFlow Analyzer’s Medianet reporting – Highlights & tidbits from Cisco LIVE 2012 – Australia

Cisco LIVE – 2012, Australia was just wrapped up less than a week ago and here we present here some updates on that. We had the opportunity to interact with a lot of professionals from the networking industry which included customers and prospective customers. Out of those, here is a small sample of what most of our customers feel about us: Apart from this, we had NetFlow Analyzer’s Medianet(and Mediatrace) monitoring capabilities mentioned by Cisco in their presentations

Analyzing Live Video Performance using NetFlow Analyzer

With highly advanced technology development, the overhead on Network Administrators in ensuring prompt delivery of business critical applications over the WAN is very high. Video conferencing is predominantly taking place in major organizations for a variety of reasons like less cost, more productivity and a whole lot of advantages it can offer.