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An upset of epic proportions, the off the scale magnitude, the incredible happened this past weekend. The Indiana University Hoosiers (unranked and my Alma Mater) defeated the NCAA #1 ranked team, the Kentucky Wildcats, on a last second 3 pointer at the buzzer. The lead changed hands three times in the closing 2 minutes, Score 73-72. The barn burner could not have been predicted better. Not only the significance of this win, the Hoosiers has not beat a ranked team since 2002 and have not won the National Championship since 1987 (under Bobby Knight fame and the heroes of Steve Alford and Keith Smart…And Yes, I was at the Fountain in Bloomington, but that is another story). Let me put this into perspective, there are over 340 Division 1 schools in the nation. It takes a lot of talent and hard work to be #1. With the Indy Colts in the cellar without Peyton Manning, the State of Indiana needed and shot in the arm, a hair of dog pick-me-up, a just a plain old fashion confidence boost.