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The Present and Future of Mobile Device Management

When Steve Jobs launched the iPhone in January 2007, it marked the birth of a new era in mobile technologies. The mobile revolution has come a long way since then with enthusiasts now talking about wearables, targeted apps, remote charging, and more. In the next two years, the Internet of Things will make automation a part of daily life.

Progress Is Good – Applications Manager Is Now a Challenger

​ Recent enhancements a nd i ncreased customer acceptance have plac ed Applications Manager as a Challenger in * Gartner’s   APM -Magic Quadrant 2014. Over the last few years, changes in the business landscape have accelerated the adoption of application performance management ( APM ) in  organizations.

Application Delivery: Virtualization Options For Cloud Computing

See all of A10 Networks’ videos at www.a10networks.com As Cloud Computing adoption increases, virtualization is a key enabler, driving economies of scale and the ability to scale with hardware appliances or commodity hardware. Based on A10’s award-winning AX Series Application Delivery Controllers (ADC) and Advanced Core Operating System (ACOS) architecture, enterprises and service providers will have the flexibility to choose the following scale-as-you-grow virtualization options.