ATM Trojan – WSWiR Episode 124

Nine MS Bulletins, Sneaky DRM, and ATM Trojan Every week, the security community learns about new attacks, exploits, breaches, security patches, and more. However, keeping track of all this fresh information security (infosec) news... Read more »

Printer Doom Hack – WSWiR Episode 122

Apple Patches, Kindle XSS, and Doom Printer Hack If you want to stay current with the Internet “threatscape,” our weekly video can help. Read more »

Adobe Patches Flash but Delays Reader Update

Summary: This vulnerability affects : Adobe Flash Player running on all platforms and Adobe Air How an attacker exploits it : By enticing users to visit a website containing malicious Flash content... Read more »


This video shows you how to set up and configure a FireCluster, how to view its status, and what can trigger a failover event within your FireCluster. Read more »