Session recording for IT Security


The business needs of
enterprises are in a constant state of flux. A variety of people,
including employees, technicians, partners and contractors require
secure access to critical IT resources for a variety of purposes. And
quite often, to cater to urgent business needs, administrative access
is required to be granted. While there are numerous tools to grant
access to the servers and other resources, it is absolutely essential
to track what users are doing with access.

cyber-threats looming large, network administrators, who are
tasked with the responsibility of facilitating access, are also
required to ensure network security. Convenience and security
had always remained orthogonal goals. As security arise not only from
the untrusted outsiders, but also very much from the ‘trusted
insiders’, administrators are facing a challenging task.

task becomes cumbersome when the administrators are required to
monitor a large number of resources and users. Unfortunately,
administrators juggle with fragmented tools and manual processes and
when security incidents strike, it becomes difficult
to pin-point
‘who did what’ and enforce accountability
for actions.

One of the effective
ways to overcome this challenge and ensure security is to have a
robust mechanism for record and playback of sessions ‘as they are’
especially for companies who comply standards governed by
regulatory bodies, like HIPPA, PCI, Trade Practice,etc.Video recording
has the inherent disadvantage of growing in size that storage becomes
a huge problem. The recording of sessions should not only be
efficient, but also be ‘sleek’.

Manage Engine Desktop
offers the perfect solution addressing this important IT
security requirement.

Desktop Central let you to
access any computer in LAN or WAN remotely and help you to video
record the activity automatically. The flexibility in controlling the
video quality, format (codec), video size etc. eases your
audit. Finally, a simple click under the history tab one can
understand “Who did What”
(Session Videos)

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