How video traffic helps your Enterprise and why it needs to be monitored

If you belong to an Enterprise that is using video in your network to its full potential, then this post could probably surprise you. If you are an Enterprise wondering what all the fuss and buzz about video traffic is, then this is something you certainly should not miss.

In this post, we will see some use-cases for video traffic in the Enterprise network and how it could make your environment more productive.

Surveillance:  CCTVs and cameras are inevitable components of ensuring a secure workplace. They have helped several Enterprises identify miscreants that hide inside the company and involve themselves in activities detrimental to the Organization’s progress. Even the slightest lapse or delays in video could let your organization vulnerable to any kind of threats causing irreversible damage.

Virtual Classrooms: Training and development has become an integral part of maintaining quality workforce. The need for International exposure is also ever-growing. But, it isn’t practically possible to invest in teams to travel throughout the globe attending training sessions. You can practically get experts from any part of the World to train your entire teams with the help of virtual classrooms powered by video.

Videoconferencing: Meet anyone anywhere! That is the whole idea of videoconferencing is to facilitate interaction among your teams separated by timezones and latitude. Bringing together your teams spread across the globe is now a breeze with videconferencing.

Events: Anyone can be a part of any global event provided that it is broadcast on the Internet LIVE. Globally renowned events such as TED, Cisco LIVE etc. are now available LIVE and thanks to the power of video. By leveraging this, employees get to understand issues at a global level and find solutions to problems with a global perspective.

Webinars: It is not even necessary to actually conduct an event as webinars help in a great way to conduct real-life like events virtually. A seminar over the web(webinar) could enable reaching hundreds and thousands of people at the same time no matter where they are. Interactions are very much possible with the tools that we have today and they leverage the power of video to provide users a life-like experience.

For all of these applications, one needs to make sure that the video quality is nothing short of superlative. This would require monitoring critical parameters such as jitter, packet loss and delay. These parameters determine the performance of the network handling video traffic.

Cisco Medianet media monitoring has a dedicated performance monitoring component which helps on keep track of all these critical parameters in real-time. Thus, one could ensure optimum network performance even during times of high traffic volumes due to rich-media applications.

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