Now you can Scan and deploy Mac patches automatically

Usually when you want to monitor the status of the Mac system updates; it becomes a complicated affair. Since, there is no proper mechanism to fetch the information on status of the patch for the designated systems. At one point it becomes havoc because of the manual procedure; it consumes lot of time and efforts, and even with this process you cannot gain much.

There is a need for a concrete solution and an easy way to figure out the status of the systems. Understanding this Desktop Central has crafted a unique solution. The given script can help you to perform following actions:

1)      Scan and fetch status reports

2)      Patch deployment

You should have a common root password to perform the above tasks.

Scan and Status reports:

By following the script you can scan the designated systems and access the reports to analyze the status updates from a centralized location, which means you will have in-hand information about the systems and the reports helps you to take a better decision.

Patch Deployment:

You can perform the patch deployment from a centralized location for the designated systems i.e. whenever Mac bulletin releases new patches, it can be deployed automatically. Without looking back administrator can scan and deploy patches effortlessly while he can focus on the other business.


Script will not download any updates from the apple web site rather it only invokes mac built-in software update process to perform required tasks.

Below are the steps to be followed in order to perform the Scanning and Deploying:

Download the attached zip file Mac Patch Deployment and extract the folder.

The Extracted folder has the following files:

  1. – script to perform software update activities.
  2. computernames.txt – Remote computer name or ip address should be entered as line by line.

Execution steps:

Step-1: Open terminal window

Step-2: Give the command line

Note: If you execute the below command line without an

Once the above step is completed; it prompts for a password.


Options are,

Scan – Computers are only scanned

ia – Computers are scanned and all available updates are installed

ir – Computers are scanned and only recommended updates are installed

Give Mac specific updates name such as MacOSXUpd10.7.4-10.7.4, AirPortUtility-6.1


perl scan

perl ia

perl ir

This option is used to install a specific updates. This update name:

perl MacOSXUpd10.7.4-10.7.4

This option is used to install multiple updates:

perl MacOSXUpd10.7.4-10.7.4,AirPortUtility-6.1



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