Have You Cloud-Proofed Your Data?

With the advances in technology, local storage devices are actively being phased out as users embrace cloud-based apps and storage. Applications such as Dropbox, Google Drive, etc. that provides free storage space have positively contributed to the growth in cloud-hosted applications. However, storing data on the cloud carries at least one major risk, which Desktop Central can help you overcome.

Compared to local storage, cloud storage leaves IT teams with far less control over company data. They have a hard time preventing end users from storing data in the cloud, and unrestricted use of cloud apps and storage leaves companies vulnerable to leakage of sensitive information.

Moreover, advanced browsers such as Google Chrome provides app stores that enable employees to download and store data in various applications. Therefore, it can become quite a tedious task to monitor all the installed applications on all the systems within your company.

To tackle this problem, Desktop Central has introduced user-specific software feature. This feature enables you to obtain information about the software any employee is using. If you detect any unwanted applications, you can restrict access to them from a central location. You can detect user-installed software in both the system and the user account and send an alert to the administrator for necessary action. You can also blacklist prohibited applications, so they are automatically deleted upon detection.

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