2 Mins Reading: Reaching the Right People

Our team is busy working on supporting PostgreSQL database. Since we have plans to release this build before the year end, we decided to work on weekends too. Past Sunday, while we were working, I told the guys to order lunch and that the check is on me, of course with a hope that I will get reimbursed by my company :-) . Hope my boss reads this blog.

Coming back to our Sunday lunch order, believe it or not, my teammates can win an eating contest in any part of the world. To add to that, each one is very specific in their choice of restaurant as well as the menu and then they customize their order too to the maximum extent possible. It is very difficult for someone who takes the order to note it all and inform everything to the chef, thus resulting in a different taste when delivered and argument goes on.

 Now the interesting part. I was actually listening to their conversation and started to think about our sales and support model. A similar kind of problem exists here too and it is a sort of natural problem any product company has to handle. So what I am going to discuss here is a kind of evaluator guidelines to reach the right people.

 We have different set of people to assist you in each stage of your evaluation. Take a look at the below matrix,

I have marked the expert areas in green color and red color indicates a no fly zone for those requirements. Inside Sales Engineer appears to be an easy guy in the matrix but he sells products ranging from Network Monitoring, Application Monitoring, Virtualization, Active Directory, Help Desk, Security, etc. He is good at licensing models and pricing.

 Our pre-sales engineers have decent overall knowledge of ManageEngine products and they will be able to offer a complete demo of any product. However they cannot help with troubleshooting or domain related questions. For troubleshooting or to have a domain related discussion, our technical support or our product consultants are the best choice.

Closing Thoughts

IMHO, reaching the right people quickly solves the problem and increases productivity at both the ends. We believe that our customer facing people are extremely competent and committed and here is a testimony to that.

Hello everyone at Manage Engine,

I just want to take the time out to send you all some “thank you’s”  for exceptional service and a great product that has help us through the past 2 years.   Your software, “ Manage Engine Netflow Analyzer”  is something I highly recommend to any company that has a need to understand what is occurring in the network.  We have a Cisco based network of approximately 850 managed nodes.  As well as this Netflow Analyzer being something we use at AT&T, it is also something we provide to our customers.    This software helps us and our customers make determinations about the circuits we provide. It often answers the question, “is there enough horse power to this site?”   Any time that there is a site with network slowness, Netflow analyzer is one of the tools we or our customer will reach for to try to understand why.  Through this software, we can identify those circuits that need to be upgraded in speed.

The next “thank you” I want to send you is for the support you give us.  Over the past 2 years we have been using Manage Engine’s Netflow and I must say that the support is simply the best!   Anytime that I had questions or concerns or needed help with this product, I got it.   The staff they have is so knowledgeable of this product, I am usually up an running in no time.     I can remember times where I have zipped up some server logs and FTPed them off to the support team at Manage Engine and THEY quickly called me to help, not the other way around!   That is a company who cares and supports!    I am also a huge fan of the many troubleshooting script/batch files that came with this software.  We have very tailored IP & DEVICE GROUPS etc that are time consuming to create.   The fact that I can run batch files to completely backup our hard work is truly a wonderful thing.   Also in the case of tech support, there are batch files that zip up complete logs and send them off to Manage Engines support team.

Recently we upgraded to build 7700 and I must say I am very impressed about how well it runs.   This product appears to be rock hard stable and the process of upgrading was about as effortless as it gets.

Again, it is so great to see great customer service.  It’s  a pleasure working with you!


-Joe LoDuca   (AT&T Network support)

We would like to listen to your comments and improve our customer interaction experience even further, especially the dissenting ones. Please write to us at nfs-at-manageengine.com or follow us @Netflow_Geek in twitter.

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