Risks of forgoing security outweigh the cost savings

When operating a small or even a medium sized business there are certain technologies your business can not do without – no matter what market your business is in. However, because of their size, many organizations forgo purchasing these essential business functions due to budgetary reasons.

Depending on the type of technology, the organization may be able to get by without these tools, but there are technologies that no organization can do without. Because of the prevalence of viruses, botnets, Trojans and other Internet threats, networks security solutions are one of these essential business tools. Given that most network security breaches originate from employees' actions and most internal breaches are accidental it is logical to say that companies must have security solutions in place to combat the accident breaches.

Accidental or not, security breaches can do serious and sometimes irreparable damage to an organization's reputation, productivity and most importantly their bottom line. Security breaches at smaller organizations may not receive the same media attention as breaches at larger well known companies but they can still damage an organization's reputation. Many times it is necessary to send notices to your customers or clients that a breach has occurred and that their personal information was compromised.

Offering credit monitoring services or new account numbers only marginally mitigates the damage this can do to your organization's reputation. Smaller organizations are already perceived as less secure than their larger counterparts and news of a breach will only reinforce this perception causing some customers or clients to leave and possibly influencing the decisions of potential customers. Each time a virus or other infection makes its way onto your organization's network it saps productivity.

Employees must wait while individual computers are “cleaned” and IT administrators have to spend time disinfecting the machines instead of doing more productive, revenue generating activities. The risk of a network security breach can be minimized by implementing basic security functions, yet many small to medium sized businesses can't implement businesses level protection on their network. So, they either implement nothing or implement products meant to protect individual computers.

These consumer products are effective at protecting a home computer but cannot realistically secure an entire network. Small and medium sized organizations should begin to take a hard look at how they are protecting their networks and ask themselves if there is a better way. It may be tempting to save a few dollars upfront, but the overall cost of leaving their networks vulnerable will greatly outweigh these savings.


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