New BETA tree out: 3.020

Astaro Security Linux 3

*NOTE* To avoid confusion, Beta releases now will be numbered 3.x. The current stable version is still numbered 2.0x, the next stable version will be 3.200.

PLEASE NOTE: The Betas will not contain all of the 3.2 functionality, Betas will be released as they are ready. Watch the individual Beta announcements to see “what's new” in the latest releases. We will not release Up2Date packages to upgrade your systems between Beta versions, since there may be some fundamental changes to the distribution. Also, Up2Dates from 2.0 to Betas or Finals of Version 3 will NOT be available – but importing configuration backups from 2.0 versions will work for 3.200 (not for the Betas).

Now, ASL 3.020 Beta includes:

  • ISOLINUX boot (no more floppy boot images)
  • New Linux Kernel 2.4.16
  • New partitioning
  • New filesystem (ReiserFS)
  • New Log-rotation with automatic (!) old file deletion
  • Http proxy log deleting after adjustable timeout
  • Bugfix: Http proxy small ftp icon display
  • Bugfix: Http proxy ActiveX filtering
  • New Proxy: Ident relay
  • New Proxy: Smtp relay (now with Exim: higher performance, RBL, TLS, expression filter, file extension filter, with sophisticated queue manager)
  • WebAdmin-user authentication via Radius
  • Logfile managment frontend (without online help so far, since next BETA snapshot will extend this point with a lot more features and more log files).

Download Information

The Final Beta release has been pushed back to mid-february 2002.

Astaro Security Linux 3.020 via HTTP:Astaro, Australian Mirror
Astaro Security Linux 3.020 via FTP:Astaro, Australian Mirror

MD5sum/Size compressed:
md5sum: cb480c07cce21248182518ce6045635b
size: 64252385 bytes

MD5sum/Size uncompressed:
md5sum: 051e67f13e765b202673eac5b6f46b67
size: 180271104 bytes

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