New BETA out: 3.050

Hi there, here comes Astaro Security Linux 3.050 BETA. We are again very interested in your feedback, but please don't expect a reply for every posting, but be sure we read all your reports and comments. Please remember,


What's New?

  • Compaq Smart Array support
  • H.323, IRC, PPTP, GRE with NAT/Masq. support 
  • Surf Protection (HTTP URL filtering)
  • Packetfilter report with fwlogwatch 
  • Connection tracking display 
  • Linux kernel 2.4.18, Freeswan 0.96, X.509 0.99
  • New IP accounting report
  • Timezone support


  • DSL & DHCP problems
  • Lots of bugfixes (thanks for your feedback on 3.040!)

Known Issues

  • “Proxies -> HTTP -> No-Proxy domains” does not work
  • “Reporting -> Network” might show wrong interface names
  • Creating RSA Keys on Compaqs with SmartArray raid controller can be very slow 
  • Downloading accounting data as csv-file does not work
  • No Key for SSH1 is created at installation

All of these issues will be fixed in the final release.


  • “Network -> DHCP Server -> DHCP-Server Leases” might show multiple entries if you “renew” your clients (e.g. “ipconfig /renew” for Windows)
  • Before defining IPSec connections you have to create the Authentication Key under “IPSec VPN -> Remote Keys”
  • Up2Date and Backup will not work for this Beta, please install from scratch.

This BETA includes basically all features of the upcoming 3.2, the final version 3.2 has again been delayed until mid-may, as we are really focused on having a rock stable release. Thanks for your patience.

Download Information

Astaro Security Linux 3.050 via HTTP:Astaro, Australian Mirror, Japanese Mirror
Astaro Security Linux 3.050 via FTP:Astaro, Australian Mirror, Japanese Mirror

MD5sum/Size compressed:
md5sum: 7a844494e1257d156b07148aecccb4a8
size: 73555704 bytes

MD5sum/Size uncompressed:
md5sum: 3b2bb38fc042af90b440adf94fbcb612
size: 212070400 bytes


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