Development Snapshot ASG 6.933

This development snapshot of upcoming ASG V7 shows the latest state of ASG V7 BETA. Besides a lot of fixes and beautification it includes also the promised Initial Install Wizard.

The persistent feedback on our UBB and on motivated us to release another snapshot of upcoming ASG V7: 6.933 Because of the amount of changes we are not able to provide a Firmware Up2Date package, but you can use your backup file from a previous ASG V7 BETA installation. Please remember: it's still not the GA version of ASG V7. It will not be supported via Astaro's support teams therefore you should not use it within productive environments! Now everything is in (Initial Setup Wizard, Overall Reporting / Executive Report, NTLM Single Sign On) and the last missing part is a new ACC version to support ASG V7 fully.

Please check the UBB announcement for license details.

If you want to provide feedback or want to discuss any of the ASG V7 features you should post it on our User Bulletin Board in the “BETA Version” forum. Please take care to add always(!) the version you refer to (e.g. “[6.933] Weekly Executive Report not shown correctly in Lotus Notes 5 “).

Alternatively if you want to provide feedback, problem reports and comments directly to the Astaro R&D team you can also send it to If you have feedback to our documentation (Online Help) please send it to We greatly appreciate your input, comments and suggestions – especially for this version! There is also a demo server to check the new GUI:

Download ISO image asg-6.933-070115-1.iso
size: 398 MB (398,026,752 Byte)
md5sum: 24f12ef51dabc9c4e50f7f4344a17bd5

Thx in advance for your feedback!
Your Astaro R&D team


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The original article/video can be found at Development Snapshot ASG 6.933

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