BETA Up2date 7.390 Released

A quick note that we just made available a new BETA release 7.390 based on our Beta tester feedback and our own testing. Read on for a short announcement.

This release keeps us on track for 7.400 being generally available during the 3rd week of February if the schedule proceeds as planned. You can see our previous announcements for all the BETA details.

This Up2Date 7.390 is a bugfix and progression release based on the feedback of our testing community.

7.390 (Up2Date for all Existing Beta Testers only)

  • MD5sum: f90debecfdca17a32e79be209399da29
  • Size: 123601045 bytes (117MB)

V7.400 Beta Program Details
For full details about the 7.400 Beta, please see our initial announcement here, and we'd like to encourage all testers to report their experiences at our Beta Forums

An Important Word about BETA Releases
While we realize many features of the upcoming 7.400 are things you may be eagerly awaiting, and we do love to have as many users and installations as possible testing and providing feedback, in environments where uptime is crucial, note that Beta releases can contain severe bugs and otherwise cause operational concerns, and are not indicators of the final quality and stability of a formal, General release version. All Up2Dates are GNUPG-signed!

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