AxG Beta 7.460 Released

Greetings! We have issued another Beta Version of our not-yet-released 7.500, for those who are testing or wish to test the new features and functionality of our next major Up2Date release. For more information on the 7.500 Beta, please see our initial launch announcement. For more information on this new Beta version release, please read on.

The 7.460 Beta Up2Date is a pure bugfix and stability released, which addresses approximately 75% of the reported issues communicated on our 7.500 Beta Forums. It also addresses and fixes issues found by our own teams in house. This release is available both as an Up2Date download package via our FTP and a full ISO image for those that wish to join the Beta at this point, or wish to re-install at any time with the Beta version for continued testing.

Please note:

If you are already testing the 7.450 Beta release, your installation will automatically download the Up2Date and make it available to install via WebAdmin. You do not need to download the package manually (unless you wish to).  

Details and Download

Up2Date 7.460 Package:  

Size : 107795134 bytes
MD5sum: 83b6b2095eb203d7845ab2b54f18f709

ISO (software):

Size : 527144960
Md5sum: 15e8fedb8a5377cf47a37815699bc359

ISO (hardware appliances): 

Size : 550610944 bytes
Md5sum: b0a5e9141f9cfeee9b9310c6be1055f3

Thank you for your continued testing and feedback!

Your Astaro Teams


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The original article/video can be found at AxG Beta 7.460 Released

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