Astaro Security Linux 2.016 for Sun Cobalt

We are pleased to announce the availability of Astaro Security Linux 2.016 for Sun/Cobalt RaQ 3i and RaQ 4i!

Following major enhancements are part of Astaro Security Linux 2.0:

  • Road warrior-VPN support via PPTP
  • WebAdmin allows to cancel a session opened by another administrator, if urgent Login requirements exist
  • The WebAdmin TCP port is now configurable
  • WebAdmin support management of virus infected emails
  • WebAdmin support for Portscan Detection options
  • Audible alarm to monitor the Startup (5 beeps) or Shutdown (beeps until power off) of headless firewall appliances
  • System Up2date Service has been separated from virus pattern Up2date Service, each service has individual options (e.g. check every hour for virus pattern updates, and do system updates manually)
  • Backup-files can be emailed automatically in user defined time intervals
  • Self-signed SSL certificate generation
  • Remote logging via Syslog/SNMP (see syslog howto or snmp howto)
  • Proxy ARP support
  • IP Aliases can be assigned to Network Interfaces
  • Multiport Tulip NICs drivers have been updated

There is no Up2Date upgrade path from Astaro security Linux Sun/Cobalt version 1.8xx available, as a Flash update has to be applied to the Cobalt RaQ 3i and RaQ 4i hardware, before the new Astaro Security Linux 2.016 for Sun/Cobalt can be installed. This update can be found at

We have tested Astaro Security Linux 2.016 succesful on Cobalt RaQ 3i and RaQ 4i, it doesn't work with this flash update on Cobalt Cube 3.

The upgrade to 2.016 is free of charge for all 1.8 customers!

Backup/Restore will work for 1.8xx -> 2.016 migration. Please remember to export your IPSec VPN RSA key separately – this key is not included in backup files!
If you import a 1.8 backup file with user definitions, you have to re-define these user definitions, if you want to use them for PPTP. Self-generated SSL certificates are not saved, please recreate those again after installation.

Non-commercial users please note that it will not be possible to activate SMTP virus protection without a valid license key anymore. Home users can order Virus Protection thru this order form.

Download Information

Astaro Security Linux 2.016 via FTP: Astaro, Australian Mirror

MD5sum/Size compressed:
md5sum: 01a49635901d5c2446605a0c92686e6d
size: 139268932 bytes

MD5sum/Size uncompressed:
md5sum: 23ec413b9132077ac4c84dd96af89d8f
size: 422533120 bytes

(there are also 9 RAR files a 15728640 bytes)


You Can Learn More About the Astaro Internet Security Product Line By Going to

The original article/video can be found at Astaro Security Linux 2.016 for Sun Cobalt

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