Astaro Security Linux 2.0

We are pleased to announce the availability of Astaro Security Linux 2.0! Following major enhancements are part of Astaro Security Linux 2.0:

  • SCSI Hard disk support (see the detailed supported Hardware list at asl-hardware.txt)
  • Gigabit NIC support
  • Road warrior-VPN support via PPTP
  • WebAdmin allows to cancel a session opened by another administrator, if urgent Login requirements exist
  • The WebAdmin TCP port is now configurable
  • WebAdmin support for managing virus infected emails
  • WebAdmin support for Portscan Detection options
  • Audible alarm to monitor the Startup (5 beeps) or Shutdown (beeps until power off) of headless firewall appliances
  • System Up2date Service has been separated from virus pattern Up2date Service, each service has individual options (e.g. check every hour for virus pattern updates, and do system updates manually)
  • Backup-files can be emailed automatically in user defined time intervals
  • Additional keyboard layouts are supported during installation (US, French, German, Italian, Spanish, Netherland)
  • Self-signed SSL certificate generation
  • Remote logging via Syslog/SNMP (see syslog howto or snmp howto)
  • Proxy ARP support
  • IP Aliases can be assigned to Network Interfaces
  • Multiport Tulip NICs drivers have been updated

The release schedule for upgrading existing users is as follows:

  • Up2Dates for upgrading from 1.8xx will be provided beginning of September.
  • Up2Dates for upgrading from 1.952 to Astaro Security Linux 2.0 will be released next week.
  • Up2dates for Sun/Cobalt and a new Sun/Cobalt Installation ISO will be available mid September.
  • The upgrade to 2.0 is free of charge for all 1.8 customers! Backup will work for 1.8xx (1.9xx) -> 2.0 migration. Please remember to export your IPSec VPN RSA key separately – this key is not included in backup files!
  • If you import a 1.8 backup file with user definitions, you have to re-define these user definitions, if you want to use them for PPTP.
  • Self-generated SSL certificates are not saved, please recreate it again after installation.

Non-commercial users please note that it will not be possible to activate SMTP virus protection without a valid license key anymore.
We will announce a special virus protection-pricing for non-commercial users this week.

Download Information

Astaro Security Linux 2.0 via HTTP:Astaro, Australian Mirror
Astaro Security Linux 2.0 via FTP: Astaro, Australian Mirror

MD5sum/Size compressed:
md5sum: a411090909748691b3eb141c645d8dc1
size: 61261104 bytes

MD5sum/Size uncompressed:
md5sum: 44a94919852f9ecd58f1fc679dc3e840
size: 155762688 bytes

  Thx a lot to all BETA testers!


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