Astaro Secure Client V9.03 released

This new release adds a new Silent Installation option, a signed Windows XP driver as well as other smaller enhancements. This minor software update is free of charge. Thus all users in possession of a valid 9.0 license can download and use the new version.  

New Features

ASC V9.03 offers the following major new features, among others:

Silent Installation
Client installations in large environments can now be dramatically simplified by using a new setup facility allowing the installation of a client without requiring any user input. This can be achieved by defining required installation parameters like installation directory or paths to configuration and certificate files within a dedicated setup file. Please read the ASC_Silent Installation-HowTo document available on the Astaro Knowledgebase at for further information.

Signed Windows XP driver
The client driver for Windows XP has been signed by Microsoft in order to skip the usual pop-up window alerting the user that a non-officially signed application is trying to install on the PC. This not only facilitates the silent installation but also avoids problems with certain desktop firewalls. Additional feature and installation information can be found on the Astaro Knowledgebase at under Section Astaro Secure Client – Manuals and Guides.

How to Upgrade

There are two ways to upgrade an existing Astaro Secure Client to the new version:  

  1. Start the Astaro Secure Client Monitor on your desktop. On the menu select “Help -> Search for New Updates”. Click “Next” on the upcoming “Software Update Wizard” window. The client will now automatically search for new updates. If a newer version is found, you can click on the “Next” button to start the automatic installation immediately.
  2. Use MyAstaro to download the new client software from our HTTP or FTP Server. When installing the new software an already existing version will be recognized and updated accordingly.

If you want an evaluation copy of Astaro Secure Client, go to MyAstaro and complete a short form to create a MyAstaro account. You will then be taken to a screen where you can download a 30-day evaluation version of Astaro Secure Client.
For more information please visit our website.

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