Astaro Report Manager released

Astaro Report Manager is a security data collection and reporting tool that makes it easy to collect, correlate and analyze data from Astaro Security Linux and other security products. It collects and correlates data related to firewalls, network activities, attacks and intrusions, VPN usage, email, viruses, and web usage by employees. Data is presented in a wide variety of easy-to-understand tables, charts and graphs that can be viewed online, printed, and emailed. Configuration is automatic.

System administrators can use the information collected by Astaro Report Manager to

  • Respond rapidly to attacks
  • Measure activity and effectiveness
  • Tune defenses
  • Audit security preparedness 

Astaro Report Manager presents data in several formats:

  • A dashboard, to show the status of the security infrastructure “at-a-glance.”
  • Standard reports, with hundreds of tables, charts and graphs.
  • Custom reports, to drill down on key data.

Reports can combine data from multiple Astaro Security Linux installations, and from other security products.

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