Astaro Command Center released!

Today we shipped Astaro Command Center V1. Astaro Command Center V1 allows for centralized and efficient management of many challenging and time-consuming tasks, such as defining security policies, configuring applications, monitoring actual device states, and the updating of device software.

The intuitive web-based user interface provides an effective overview detailing the actual health of each device, swiftly allowing administrators to see which gateways require immediate action. A new user interface leverages state-of-the-art technologies like AJAX, (Asynchronous JavaScript And XML) which immediately displays any changes in data without additional delays resulting from screen refreshes. This results in significantly improved ease of use when managing multiple Astaro Security Gateways.

Astaro Command Center V1 includes the following management applications:

  • Monitoring allows tracking of critical system parameters in real-time, like detected threats, license status, software updates and resource usage. Various view options provide up-to-date information of all Astaro systems within a complete network infrastructure.

     spacer.png minimonitor.jpg (enlarge)

  • A World Map allows easy localization of a specific device within a large global network. A zoom function allows navigation to specific regions of interest. spacer.png

    miniworld.jpg (enlarge)

  • Inventory management provides comprehensive information about each device such as CPU, hard disk, memory, network interfaces, and software version, among others. All Astaro Security Gateway devices are automatically organized into device groups.

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  • Central update management enables the possibility of updating multiple devices through a single click. The progress of each device is displayed centrally.
  • System maintenance for connected gateways offers centralized system shutdowns and restarts.
  • Single-sign-on eases configuration management via centralized login to each device's WebAdmin, the browser based administrative interface for Astaro Security Gateways. Thus, administrators have to login only once into ACC to access any firewall within the network.

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  • Role-based Multi-administrative support allows the definition of administrators with different roles for using different management functions within Astaro Command Center concurrently. spacer.png


ACC V1.200 works with up to 100 devices and 5 parallel admin sessions. It supports ASG V5 (5.212 recommended) and ASG V6 (6.202 recommended) installations – as software, appliance or virtual appliance.


You do not need a license to use ACC V1 (yeah, it's free!).

Download Information

Astaro Command Center ISO-image:
Size: 237 MB (237,592,576 Byte)
md5sum: 66555536ff58bf7d260c42d3ae13f46d
FTP server: * Germany * Germany 2 * US * US 2 * Japanese Mirror
HTTP server: * Germany * Germany 2 * US * US 2 * Japanese Mirror
BitTorrent: * acc-1.200-060530-3.iso.torrent

(If you are not familiar with BitTorrent, please check out this detailed description:  Search for “how to burn” on our Knowledge Base if you have trouble to burn a CD from the ISO image.

Hardware requirements for ACC

Our minimum recommendation for ACC V1 installations:

  • Intel Pentium IV IV (2.4 GHz) / AMD Athlon XP 2500
  • 512 MB RAM (1GB recommended)
  • 40 GB hard disk drive
  • 1 PCI NIC

Please check the ASL V6 hardware compatibility list (HCL) on our knowledge base for supported SCSI controller and NICs

Supported web browser

Astaro Command Center will support the following browser/platform combinations:

MS Windows 2000/XP/Vista

  • IE6 or higher (including IE7)
  • Mozilla Firefox 1.5 or higher


  • Mozilla Firefox 1.5 or higher

Mac OSX:

  • Safari 2.0.3 or higher
  • Mozilla Firefox 1.5 or higher

Other browsers could also work, but might be subject to rendering or JavaScript issues. They are unsupported. Java or Flash support is not needed. We recommend for the web browser a system with at least 512 MB RAM and a CPU with 1.5 GHz or more.


We highly appreciate your comments/questions/list of missing features/suggestions.

Please let us know: Thank you! You will find the ACC V1 manual on our knowledge base, but there is of course an online help integrated…

Astaro R&D Team


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