Astaro Command Center 2.1 BETA Begins

The Astaro Command Center V2 has proven to be a great tool for management of multiple Astaro devices. We have been hard at work adding more features and tools into it for you.

Today we are unveiling the chance for you to download and test ACC V2.1 BETA, which adds the ability to centrally define and use objects like Network and Service definitions, improvements in multi-user/multi-device operations, and a totally new aggregated reporting ability which collects and displays reports from single or multiple installations. Perhaps quite importantly, ACC is currently a FREE offering from Astaro, and doesn't cost anything to use, even in a commercial environment.

So if you haven't yet seen the Astaro Command Center, don't miss out any longer. Read on for how you can help test, and win some Amazon reward money for your efforts! The first iteration of this ACC 2.1 Beta, dubbed Version 2.050, is available as an ISO image only. We may issue an Up2Date package which can be manually applied to your existing ACC 2.0 installation at a later time. ACC is easy, provides great visibility and tools to manage Astaro installations, and has the same look and feel of the AxG product line WebAdmin.

Operational Note

  •  The Astaro Command Center has TWO portals: 
    HTTPS port 4444 is to setup and configure the Command Center itself,
    while HTTPS port 4422 is where you login to work with your connected Astaro devices.

If you haven't yet experienced ACC, to use this new Version, simply download the ISO image and install it on a dedicated X86 platform of your choice, just like you would with an Astaro Security Gateway software installation. Alternatively, you can load the ISO in your virtualization platform of choice, like VMware ESX. (At a later date, we will also update the ACC offerings with updated, purpose-built VMware images). 

ACC V2.050 Details

Download Information

Size: 524MB (549.011.456 bytes)
Md5sum: 2a6cdc0a95c2681299485d22038fdc9f
*The underlying base system and framework of this release is AxG 7.501.

Major features

Global definitions/objects support
If you find yourself defining the same things in multiple Astaros, this feature will save you a lot of time. Simply define an object like a Mail Server or other resource once in ACC, and watch it populate to the desired Astaro installations where it can be worked with just like a locally created item. Lots of usefull applications for this one.

Improved Multi-client Support
Since V2 launched, ACC has the ability to create some very specific roles and permissions for users and the connected devices. We have improved this area in many ways, with even more choices in how you configure multiple companies, regions, devices, administrators, and other staff with permissions. ACC is perfect for managing hundreds of devices in a single company, dozens of companies all with a single device, or any profile in between. ACC is used both by single administrators as a throne-room for their operations, or by Partners/MSP's which manage all their separate companies through a single ACC installation. Try it and see what you can do!

Device-based and aggregated reporting
Using this entirely new feature of ACC, connected devices can have their various reports displayed from within ACC. Further, it is possible to select some or all of the devices and view reports as a consolidated total, giving you great insight into multiple installations without having to deal with each site separately.

Other changes

  • Many usability and monitoring improvements across the ACC GUI. 


[10094] Device name sporadically missing when a new device connects
[10179] Tooltip is cropped when browser window is too small 
[10217] Display date and time of last known device connection 
[10538] Increase number of available Gateway Manager sessions 
[11504] Gateway Manager GUI drag-and-drop functionality in Firefox 3.5 not working 


Please post all Beta feedback (no matter how big or small) and discuss any of the ACC 2.1 features on our Beta Forum for this Version.

Testing Rewards

Your feedback is important to us. You catch things we might miss. You use the product in ways we might not have considered. And the more eyes we have on a version, the better the chance we are able to identify and resolve something early. It allows us to deliver a final product to you of the highest quality for use in a production network. As a result, participants in our Beta Program for ACC V2.1 will have the chance to win one of three Amazon Gift Cards totaling over 600 dollars. Please qualify by actively posting and participating in discussions on our Beta version forum. At the end of the test, we will award prizes to the top participants. 

Your Astaro Product Management Team


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