ASG Beta Release #4 – Version 7.480

Hello! For those who are participating in our 7.500 Beta, we have just released the fourth iteration of the release, which is numbered 7.480. We will now being merging the code and start making it final, and you can expect a Release Candidate probably next week, barring any unexpected developments. From there, 7.500 will be made Generally Available shortly thereafter.

This release of the Beta can now be installed as a manually-added Up2Date package from our stable 7.405 version, so those who are eager to get using all the new things do not need to re-install and import a backup to use this release.

Licensing of Beta

If you are currently using the Beta and are at or past the trial period offered by an earlier Beta license, please use this key for ASG Hardware Appliances or if you are using your own hardware platform then use this key. If you have any licensing questions or problems while testing for us, please let us know on the forums! Read on for links, details, and other awesomeness…


Based on our own internal testing and a lot of great reports in the UBB Beta Forum for 7.500, we've fixed bugs, tweaked a few features, and applied polish to all areas in order to get it GA ready. It is not too late to participate and qualify for a special home user license with more protected IP's, and a shot at some Amazon gift cards! If you would like some direction in what to keep testing, we are specifically interested in getting feedback from the following areas:

  • All types of authentication services, especially using the new multiple authentication servers ability.
  • All types of interface types (DHCP, PPPoE, PPPoA, VLAN, …)  
  • IPsec VPN Site-to-Site and Roadwarrior connections
  • IPS detection rate, false positives and overall performance
  • HTTP/S Proxy configuration and usage
  • Availability groups used all over the product in creative ways
  • VMware installations (especially running in vSphere 4)  

*Please Read this Carefully*

If you are already testing the 7.470 Beta release, your installation will automatically download the Up2Date and make it available to install via WebAdmin. You do not need to download this package manually! (unless you wish to). However if you are at 7.405 and want to install the beta, it will NOT show up in your Up2Date list automatically, you'll have to retrieve it using the links below, and upload it via WebAdmin to your unit (don't forget to click “apply”! If you have questions on this or need help, please join us on the 7.500 Beta User Forums and we'll happily assist.

Details and Download

The 7.470-780 package will be distributed via our beta update server. All images and updates can be quickly be found at: our Beta area on our primary FTP site

Up2Date 7.480 Package:

Up2Date 7.405-480

*(For those at the current 7.405 stable who wish to now enjoy the beta) 
Size: 242924301 bytes (231.67 Megabytes)
Md5sum: 22c3294e61d8bf18b74e60c51f11fd86
European Primary FTP:
US Primary FTP:

Up2Date 7.470-480

*(For those using the Beta who wish to manually move from 7.470-7.480 without using automatic Up2Date downloads in WebAdmin)
Size: 205012879 bytes (195.52 Megabytes)
Md5sum: 400ccd740740debf4ad7461c6837c16c
European Primary FTP:
US Primary FTP:

Software image (ASG)

*(Full .iso file for use with your own X86 Hardware platform fresh install)
Size: 537290752 bytes (512.40 Megabytes)
Md5sum: 47e25e65241f952b7f642639dc79d3a5
European Primary FTP:
US Primary FTP:

Appliance image (SSI)

*(Full .iso file for use with Astaro appliances and the Astaro Smart Installer)
Size: 560902144 bytes (534.92 Megabytes)
Md5sum: 92232d2c8edfff147dcba8d9aacf5045
European Primary FTP:
US Primary FTP:

There are also other mirror sites where you can get the files at:

Thank you for your continued testing and feedback!

Your Astaro Team


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The original article/video can be found at ASG Beta Release #4 – Version 7.480

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