Sawfish Spearphishing Attacks Continue, Prompting Password Resets on GitHub and DeepSource

Sawfish Spearphishing Attacks Continue, Prompting Password Resets on GitHub and DeepSource

A new wave of attacks on GitHub users via app developer DeepSource has raised concerns over access to user credentials and development code.

I’ve written about phishing attacks targeting GitHub users previously. But this month, users of GitHub partner DeepSource were notified of a security incident in which at least one of DeepSource’s employee credentials had been compromised, potentially providing access to production systems that connect to GitHub repositories.

The incident occurred back on July 16th and users were notified on July 20th. Within two hours of DeepSource being alerted to the compromise by GitHub security teams, DeepSource initiated a massive reset of user tokens, client secrets, private keys, as well as all credentials and keys associated with employees with access to production systems.

The Sawfish attacks sought to trick users of their credentials and 2FA codes. Once access had been achieved, attackers setup OAuth application access to preserve access even once user credentials had been reset, as well as download repository contents which can contain intellectual property.

Sawfish represents the simplest of phishing attacks. Using little more than alert-style emails pretending to be GitHub, along with a look-alike spoofed logon page to steam credentials, this attack is basic, but effective. Organizations can easily protect themselves against this and more sophisticated attacks through continual Security Awareness Training where users can learn how to identify suspicious content online and in email and avoid becoming the next victim of attacks intent on stealing credentials, installing malware, or providing attackers with access.

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