Optrics Insider – iPhone WiFi Exploit, FireEye Hacked, Solarwinds Orion Backdoor & CIA Owns OmniSec

Join Scott Young and Shaun Sturby from Optrics Engineering as they discuss the iPhone zero click WiFi exploit, cybersecurity company FireEye hacked and their red team tools being stolen, how network management and performance monitoring tool Solarwinds Orion was used to install a backdoor and the CIA is found to own Omnisec another Swiss cypto company.

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0:00 – Intro
0:16 – Today’s 3 topics
0:49 – Topic 1: iPhone Zero-Click Wi-Fi exploit
3:45 – Topic 2: How FireEye was hacked
6:48 – Topic 3: How SolarWinds Orion was used to install a backdoor
9:34 – Bonus Topic: Cypto AG update
11:00 – Closing remarks

Learn more about the Iphone’s Zero-Click Wi-Fi Exploit:

An iOS zero-click radio proximity exploit odyssey
iPhone zero-click Wi-Fi exploit is one of the most breathtaking hacks ever

Learn more how FireEye was hacked and their Red Team tools were stolen:

FireEye Shares Details of Recent Cyber Attack, Actions to Protect Community
GitHub: Red Team Tool Countermeasures

Learn how SolarWinds Orion was used to install a backdoor:

Highly Evasive Attacker Leverages SolarWinds Supply Chain to Compromise Multiple Global Victims With SUNBURST Backdoor
US Agencies and FireEye Were Hacked Using SolarWinds Software Backdoor
SolarWinds Breach Used to Infiltrate Customer Networks (Solarigate)

Learn more about the CIA owning Swiss cryptography company Omnisec:

Report Claims CIA Controlled Second Swiss Encryption Firm

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