Optrics Insider – CIA & Crypto AG, $1 Billion Bitcoin Seized from Silk Road & Fortinet’s VPN Hacked

Join Scott Young and Shaun Sturby from Optrics Engineering as as they discuss the CIA owning Swiss crytography company Crypto AG, the $1 billion worth of Bitcoin that we were seized and the hacker who released 49,000 firewall passwords after hacking Fortinet’s VPN.


0:00 – Intro
0:17 – Today’s 3 topics
0:40 – Topic 1: CIA & Swiss Crypto AG working together
2:39 – Topic 2: $1 Billion Bitcoin seized from Silk Road
4:27 – Topic 3: Hacker releases 49k Fortinet passwords
6:40 – Closing remarks

Learn more about the CIA & Crypto AG:

Learn more about the seizure of $1 billion worth of Bitcoin:

Learn more about the hacker who posted 49,000 firewall passwords:

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