Optrics Insider – CanPar Express & U of Utah Ransomware, AI Fighter Beats Ace & Lock Your Computer

Join Scott Young and Shaun Sturby from Optrics Engineering as they discuss both CanPar Express and the University of Utah getting hit by ransomware (interestingly they paid the ransom and Shaun explains why), plus how an AI fighter pilot beat a real ace (in simulation) and as a bonus, why you should lock your workstation before you walk away.


0:00 – Intro
0:20 – Today’s 3 topics
0:48 – Topic 1: CanPar Express & University of Utah Ransomware
4:50 – Topic 2: AI Fighter Beats Ace
6:46 – Topic 3: Why You Should Lock Your Workstation
9:45 – Closing remarks

Canpar Express hit by ransomware outbreak:

Canadian shipping company Canpar gets an unwanted delivery – ransomware

University of Utah paid $457K for ransomware:

Utes gotta be kidding me… University of Utah handed $457K to ransomware creeps

AI Fighter pilot better than real ACE – in simulation:

So long, Top Gun… AI software waxes US F-16 pilot’s tail 5-0 during virtual dogfight drills

Why you should lock your workstation when you walk away:

Trucking hell: Kid leaves dad in monster debt after buying oversized vehicle on eBay

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