Joint Webinar from Cisco & ManageEngine on QoS

Enterprises as well as service providers typically use a single IP network to carry data, voice and video traffic, be it business critical or otherwise. When different applications, which include mission critical, bulk data, scavenger traffic and latency sensitive applications like voice and video, converge over the same link, application delivery takes a hit. Congestion, delay and packet loss seriously impacts the performance of your business applications and affects the quality of your voice and video calls.

A well designed Quality of Service (QoS) is a key factor in ensuring optimal application performance and service delivery in converged networks. QoS, available in almost all Cisco switching and routing platforms, can help control data loss during congestion, prioritize rich-media traffic and provide the right network resources to applications using the network. Despite its many advantages, QoS is still not widely implemented due to many considering it as complex to design and difficult to validate.

Join complimentary webinar titled ‘QoS Design and Validation for Enterprise Networks’ presented by ManageEngine & Cisco, to understand the need for QoS, its design and implementation.

Ken Briley, from Cisco Systems, will demystify QoS by explaining QoS design principles, application control using QoS and monitoring QoS. Don Thomas Jacob, from the ManageEngine team will talk about how you can use NetFlow Analyzer to monitor and validate your QoS policy performance. These insights should help you create a high performance network which is robust and efficient and ensures application delivery. The key details about the webinar are as follows: 

Title :- QoS Design and Validation for Enterprise Networks

Presenters :- Ken Briley(Technical lead, Cisco SYstems) & Don Thomas Jacob(Technical Marketing Engineer, ManageEngine)

Date & Time :- 12th April 2012, 11 AM Eastern Time(8 AM Pacific Time, 4 PM London, 7 PM Dubai) 

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