How Atlantic Health System tackles applications monitoring with ManageEngine

How Atlantic Health System tackles applications monitoring with ManageEngine

How Atlantic Health System tackles applications monitoring with ManageEngine

Atlantic Health System (AHS), an organization that serves more than half the state of New Jersey, including 11 counties and 4.9 million people, runs and supports seven award-winning hospitals that provide world-class health services and patient experiences. They aim to deliver state-of-the-art care at low costs using innovation and technology.

The challenge AHS faced

AHS focuses on providing the best possible patient outcomes and experiences at all its locations. Managing and supporting all seven locations simultaneously was a lingering issue for them. Isolating problems proved rather challenging as their network was spread across the entire state of New Jersey.

Although they had a monitoring solution in place, they needed a tool that would give them end-to-end visibility into their infrastructure. As an organization responsible for human lives, any problems at AHS that surfaced were critical; its biggest problem was finding support when something went wrong. It was important for AHS to receive answers immediately.

How Applications Manager helped AHS

Just when AHS was trying to find a solution that would satisfy all its needs, it came across ManageEngine Applications Manager. After implementing the solution, AHS realized that not only did it collect data, but it also helped them identify and resolve bottlenecks in their systems.

AHS also integrated Analytics Plus with Applications Manager to access comprehensive reports that could be shared with executives of different departments. This helped them analyze and solve the unique problems in different departments with ease.

Implementing Applications Manager helped AHS minimize service-level agreements (SLAs), and gave them a heads-up about what was happening by sending alerts when thresholds were violated. With Applications Manager, AHS was able to lower its thresholds and bring into spotlight the problems that were sneaking up on it. With reports generated on the data that was collected, monitoring became easy.

The Forecast Report feature helped them understand what they needed to look out for. Another powerful feature that helped them find problems was the “Do Content Check” option in “File/Directory monitor”. They could search for important keywords such as Fail, Debug, Err, etc., and when the keywords were found, actions could be configured for the monitor according to their needs.

Furthermore, they received a holistic view of everything that was happening in the system via Dashboards.

With help from ManageEngine, AHS has been able to tackle all its application monitoring challenges!

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