Ensuring Network Security and Compliance using DeviceExpert

With increasing security threats to mission-critical network resources and serious legal consequences of information mis-management, enterprises everywhere are required not just to follow standard practices, internal security policies, stringent Government regulations and industrial guidelines, but also demonstrate that the policies are enforced and network devices remain compliant to the policies defined.
Ensuring compliance has become a priority for network administrators nowadays. This drives them take extra care while changing device configurations.

From the standpoint of network security, Networks administrators often face the need to check device configurations for presence of certain strings in the running configuration, check the SNMP community, check the password strength and check for the presence of certain string in the output of certain security commands.

Manually carrying out these checks on multiple devices from multiple vendors will be a cumbersome task. In addition to checking the device configurations for compliance, violations should be generated as reports. Automating these activities is the key for overcoming the drawbacks.

DeviceExpert, a trusted Network Change and Configuration Management solution from ManageEngine helps you theck configurations for compliance to a defined set of standards or best practices. You can also define your own custom standards and compliance policies.

There is provision for examining compliance at all levels – on demand, automatically at regular intervals and whenever a change happens. Violations can be immediately be escalated through reports and alerts to the security personnel. I

T Managers can periodically receive automated compliance reports. Detailed information on the devices that are compliant and the non-complaint should be generated. In addition, in the case of violation, remediation tips are also offered.

DeviceExpert also provides automated, out-of-the-box reports for SOX, HIPAA regulations.

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