Enhance WAN RTT reporting

Round Trip Time (RTT) monitor measures round trip time and helps
resolve poor WAN performance. It is also helpful in monitoring Quality
of Service (QoS) across WAN links provided by your Internet service
provider(ISP) and alerts are generated when the set threshold limits are

Engineers or Administrator should be informed about outage,
unprincipled usage and intermittent WAN connectivity. Cisco IP SLA based
WAN RTT monitoring helps administrators to troubleshoot WAN outages,
Performance issues instantaneously.

using the WAN RTT feature you can also find the amount of traffic used,
application used in the network and the conversations involved. With
the new version of NetFlow Analyzer, you can now create WAN RTT monitor
and associate with IP groups (created by the monitor).

Using IP groups, you can view the traffic stats and the round trip time in single screen.

us take a scenario where a Network Engineer wanted to know the round
trip time and the application used for the path. In a case without the
IP SLA add-on, he would need to create and IP group for that IP address
and use a different application for viewing the WAN RTT stats. Take the
reports from the different applications and give it to the Management.

the task becomes much more simpler with the IPSLA add-on in NetFlow
Analyzer. It is very easy to create the WAN RTT monitor and the IP group
at same time and take reports as a single page(PDF or CSV).

For creating WAN RTT monitor please make sure the following:

1. Router should be a Cisco router with IOS version 12.4 or later.

2. IP SLA responder should be enabled on Source and destination router.

3. Source router should be monitored in NetFlow Analyzer

After the above steps, navigate to IPSLA tab ? Switch to WAN RTT Monitor and create the? monitor as mentioned below and check the box ‘Create an IP group for this WAN Monitor ‘.

Once the monitor is saved, it will create an IP Groups with the name of the monitor like branchOffice_IPGroup.

When you click on the IP groups with display the stats as mentioned below:

Hope this blog post is informative and helpful.

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NetFlow Analyzer
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