Cisco Mediatrace Reports in NetFlow Analyzer

After configuring the Initiating Router
and Responders for Mediatrace monitoring, as the next step we would
now get into report generation. The data is represented in the form
of easy to understand charts and graphs. The reports can be generated
individually for each session.

Cisco Mediatrace Reports:-

The reports are generated based on the
metrics each session is associated with. The metrics are:

  1. System-Data

  2. Performance
    Monitoring (for Video).

System-Data Monitoring:-

the option selected is System-Data monitoring while creating session,
the metrics for which reports generated are :

  • System
    Metrics: INTF Profile

  • System
    Metrics: CPU Profile

  • System
    Metrics: MEMORY Profile

Performance Monitoring (for

case the option selected is Performance Monitoring, it can report on
TCP and RTP profile which in turn reports on metrics like:

  • IP
    Packet Drop Count

  • IP
    Byte Count

  • IP
    Packet Count

  • Media
    Byte Count

  • Media
    Packet Count

  • Inter-arrival
    Jitter Average

  • Packets

  • Packet
    Lost Event Count

  • Loss

  • RTT.


The Top Dashboard in the Mediatrace
report will list the sessions with their with their monitoring
parameters which is based on the type of monitor you create. If it is
System-Data data monitoring, it will list CPU Utilization ,Memory
Utilization etc. For RTP session, you can see IP packets dropped,
Discarded etc.

Alerts :-

NetFlow Analyzer generates alerts
when the set threshold values are violated. It lists the alert type,
threshold value, the hops involved along with the description. The
alert page varies for each of the session created.

You can also click on each violated
value for session to get deeper drill down to see time based graph
for each violations.

Troubleshoot :-

The troubleshoot page shows each Hop
specific time based performance monitoring metrics. You can see the
detailed view of each metrics for every session you create.

With Medianet and Mediatrace
reporting, NetFlow Analyzer takes network performance monitoring to a
much higher level & equips the network Administrator with better
techniques for network performance monitoring.

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