Webcast: Drobo, Symmantec and Media Server-Based Deduplication for Backup

Crushing data with dedupe without crushing SMB budgets: Mario Blandini with special guest, Aidan Finley, Senior Product Manager @ Symantec, discuss optimizing a small to medium business (SMB) backup strategy using Symantec... Read more »

Webcast: Protecting Unstructured Data

Comparing offsite backup solutions for protection of unstructured data: Mario Blandini with special guest, George Crump, President and Sr. Analyst with Storage Switzerland, LLC, discuss offsite backup solutions for protection of unstructured... Read more »


ESG explains what makes Drobo special. See the other videos at youtube.com for more information on Drobo storage for Professionals and Drobo storage for Business -- certified for VMware, Citrix, MS Exchange... Read more »

Webcast: Approaches to VM file backup

The more you create, the more there is to store and protect. Mario Blandini with special guest Mitch Haile, chief technology officer at Pancetera, discuss new technology for simplifying storage tasks for... Read more »