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Webinar: Setting Up a Distributed Network at Primrose Retirement Communities

Join Ian Zens, Director of Information Technology at Primrose Retirement Communities, as he walks us through his Cisco Meraki network of access points, switches, security appliances, and telecommuter devices. With cloud networking, all 30 communities across the US are configured, managed, and unified via the web-based dashboard . Cisco Meraki offers Ian layer 7 visibility […]

Open Source Windows service for reporting server load back to HAProxy (load balancer feedback agent).

In general when you are load balancing a cluster you can evenly spread the connections through the cluster and you get pretty consistent and even load balancing. However with some applications such as RDS ( Microsoft Terminal Servers ), you can get very high load from just a  few users doing heavy work. The solution to this is to use some kind of server load feedback agent