Security Minute – Zombie Awareness Month (May 2011)

This month Fortinet's Derek Manky recognizes Zombie Awareness Month and then talks about a few of the most recent zombie botnets that have been taken off line. Read more »

Security Minute – Zitmo and SpyEye – February Edition

In this month's Security Minute video podcast, Fortinet's Derek Manky talks about what's happening with the SpyEye and Zitmo botnets today, then concludes with the latest Microsoft, Cisco and Adobe zero-day vulnerabilities. Read more »

Security Minute – December Edition

In this month's edition of Security Minute, researcher Derek Manky discusses how Buzus Trojan made a holiday appearance in the guise of a Hallmark E-card and how organized crime is diversifying their... Read more »

Security Minute – November Edition

In this episode, Derek Manky discusses the drop in spam after the Bredolab takedown, the Koobface takedown and subsequent resurrection, and also features a wrap-up on Hiloti. Read more »