5 Cybersecurity Tips From Lawyers

5 Cybersecurity Tips From Lawyers

A question that often comes up around cybersecurity and incident response is when to involve legal. The best time to get advice from your attorney is before an incident. Here are 5... Read more »

Record fines come on the heels of warnings about cyber risk

Record fines come on the heels of warnings from US Intelligence warning of a growing risk to our utility providers. Similar warnings have been issued for law firms, higher education, and small... Read more »

Are your Application Programing Interfaces (API) Secured?

Today we delve into the world of Application Programing Interface or “API” security. These interfaces are typically used to share information between applications, such as a CRM like Salesforce and mobile applications... Read more »

How Expensive is Effective Cybersecurity?

There is almost no limit to how much you could spend on cybersecurity solutions, and with Gartner estimating global spend on security is equal to about 1.5% of worldwide revenue – does... Read more »