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Optrics Insider – Remote Patching, COVID-19 Spam Email & CMR vs SMR NAS Hard Drives

Join Scott Young and Shaun Sturby from Optrics Engineering as they discuss work from home PCs and patches, the notable increase in COVID-19 related spam emails as well as CMR (conventional magnetic recording) vs. SMR (shingled magnetic recording) hard drives and what you need to consider when using either for network attached storage (NAS) devices. […]

How to Use Social Networks at Schools

Facebook , Twitter, email and other online social networks play a major part in the lives of today’s youth. Students as young as kindergarten have cell phones that can access the Internet and students expect to have access to this online world at all times. Technology, especially social network sites, can distract students from classroom activities; however they can also be used for educational purposes .     Finding the right balance between acceptable use and what is unacceptable use in schools can be a difficult task for school administrators